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About Monument Publishing

Chris Jeub at Training Minds CampWelcome to Monument Publishing! I'm Chris Jeub, the owner of Monument Publishing, and welcome to our website.

Our purpose: to create resources that help make speech and debate simple and successful. I work with appoximately 50 coaches and champion speakers every year to pull together the best resources for the next season of competitors. 

Want to be a part of this? Here are some quick links to help you dive in:

  1. Updated sourcebooks for your training.
  2. Textbooks helpful for deeper study.
  3. Subscription to free e-newsletters.
  4. Bulk order discounts for coaches and clubs.
  5. Curriculum to teach speech and debate events.

Please allow me to tell you about me, this business, our color-coordinated way of doing things, and how you are on the road to experiencing some of the most exciting training opportunities available to homeschoolers.

About the Jeubs

I'm Chris Jeub, father to 16 beautiful children, residing with most of them in Monument, Colorado. We are avidly involved in homeschool forensics. We travel to tournaments, help out at tournaments, judge and compete at tournaments -- we can't get enough of tournaments!

Why do we love this so much? That's simple. While we're stretching ourselves, having fun, playing frisbee between rounds and meeting all sorts of neat people across the country, we are doing something that I believe is one of the most important things a person should do: training the mind for action.

That's what my wife, Wendy, and I strive to do every day with our children. And we invite you along for the ride!

About the Company

Now, even more specifically is the list of curriculum you are about to buy. We publish for various speech and debate leagues, particularly Stoa and the NCFCA (click through these links for each of their websites). Both of these leagues release debate resolutions, write speech and debate rules for the year, and host national tournaments in June.

Monument Publishing hires the nation's best coaches and former competitors to write the curriculum for league participants. Now, both these leagues consist of homeschool families, not your typical speech and debate extrodinairs. That's what makes our material so awesome! We target the novice student just starting off, and their accompanying parent who hasn't a clue how to get going.

Overall, our philosophy is this: every homeschooler should be doing speech and debate. Seriously. All two million of them. It's the most exciting thing around, and there is something for everyone (see next point). Besides, our world really needs good, articulate, grounded kids to take on the problems it faces. That includes you and your family. I'm convinced of it!

About Our Colors

The competencies are pretty easy to understand when you peruse the site. We color coordinate according to the events we write for:

  1. BLUE: Team-Policy Debate. "TP" debate is 2-on-2 debate involving political topics.
  2. RED: Lincoln-Douglas Debate. "LD" debate is 1-on-1 debate involving value resolutions.
  3. GOLD: Extemporaneous Speech or Parli Debate. Extemp speakers and Parliamentary debaters are experts in current events.
  4. SILVER: Apologetics. Competitive Apologetics is an event that requires students to give 4 minute speeches after 2 minutes of preparation.
  5. BRONZE: Platform and Interpretive speaking. These include several events like persuasive, oratory, humorous interp, and the like.
You know, there is something for everyone in speech and debate. The brainiacs and the artists, the political and the theatrical. Finding the events that fit you may take some time, but you should be sold from the get-go: speech and debate is for you.

About Speech & Debate

You're investing in one of the most important training activities a young person can undertake. Sadly, training the mind to think, speak and persuade is avoided in most curricula. I think that's a shame.
And you're here at Monument Publishing because you know better! You believe that this world is heading for greater days largely because of this activity alone. You're likely thinking, "Where on earth do I begin?" Glad you asked.
I have written a book called Jeub's Guide to Speech & Debate that outlines the fundamentals of what it takes to succeed in the homeschool leagues. It's a simple read, but invaluably helpful if you're just starting out. No doubt about it: start your journey with this book.
And the book guides you through all the to-do's. Find or start a club, pick out speech pieces, connect with others, get the right resources, sign up for tournaments that are running all over the country. While forensics is considered an academic adventure, it really isn't much different than a sport. They demand your attention, they have contests available for you, and they're a whole lot of fun.
Enjoy your journey into speech and debate!
Chris Jeub
Chris Jeub
Owner of Monument Publishing