National Security vs Freedom of the Press

National Security vs Freedom of the Press

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The following consists of the complete season releases from for the Lincoln-Douglas value topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a ZIP file containing the material listed. Take note of the release dates, as the timing may conflict with arguments of the current year.

Resolved: National security ought to be valued above freedom of the press.

Part I: Resolutional Articles
  • Freedom of the Press: Then and Now ... By Melissa Lueken
  • Exploring Security and Freedom and Whence the Two shall Meet ... By Isaac Sommers
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: What the Resolution Entails ... By Thomas Gray
  • The Value of Valued: A Small Word that makes a big Difference ... By Caleb DeLon
  • Freedom of the Press: Keeping the Government in Check ... By Michael Patton
  • Keeping the Press in Check ... By Drew Hepler
  • You Ought to Pay Attention: The Word that Changes it All ... By Abby Davis
  • Who Guards the Guardians? ... By Ciera Horton
  • With Great Applications comes Great Responsibility: Writing Spider Cases ... By Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Feeling the Heat: Free Press in a National Security Vise ... By Jesse Byrnes
Part II: Affirmative Cases
  • National Security: The Path to Peace and Prosperity ... By Isaac Sommers
  • I Protect Therefore I Am ... By Caleb DeLon
  • Protection of the Innocent ... By Melissa Lueken
  • Co-Accountability ... By Drew Hepler
  • Purpose above Privilege ... By Abby Davis
  • To Print or not to Print ... By Ciera Horton
  • Protect the President ... By Travis Herche
Part III: Negative Cases
  • Caught Red-Handed ... By Drew Hepler
  • F is for Freedom ... By Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Negative Objective ... By Travis Herche
  • The Prevention of Tyranny ... By Michael Patton
  • Freedom and Accountability ... By Jesse Byrnes

History of This Resolution

The cover photo this resolution was taken during a cross-examination scrimmage at the 2014 NCFCA National Tournament at Patrick Henry College. On the left is Caleb Scott (Region 4) and on the right is Braden Harm (Region 5). The National Tournament for this edition was held at Northwestern College in St. Paul, June 2015.

Contributors to this edition included Chris Anderson, Jesse Byrnes, Caleb DeLon, Aaron Dykstra, Matthew Erickson, Thomas Gray, Benjamin Griffith, Nick Harrington, Drew Hepler, Travis Herche, Ciera Horton, Elizabeth Jacobs, Zach Leoni, Melissa Lueken, Ashlyn Olson, Michael Patton, Isaac Sommers, Michael Tcheau, Joshua Tey.