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Blue Book Teacher Edition

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Teaching policy debate? This teacher edition gives answers, teacher prompts, activities, drills, and much more for teachers of Blue Book.

Teacher Edition to the Blue Book for Policy Debate

Written by Chris Jeub, this teacher edition to the Blue Book for Policy Debate comes coil-bound with additional resource material specifically written for the teacher/coach. Educators will enjoy the entire student sourcebook with answers and helps written straight into the book, plus appendixes of lesson previews, reproducibles, drills and games, scrimmage instructions and more. Teachers of policy debate will be totally equipped to educate their team of policy debaters.

What comes with your order of Blue Book Teacher Edition

  • Everything that the student edition has:
    • A physical copy of Blue Book, with reinforced coil binding.
    • Twelve lessons in four units to walk you through the essential instruction in policy debate.
    • Free access to video content to accompany the lessons.
    • Worksheets customized to each lesson to help measure retention.
    • Activities for each lesson to be shared with the debate partner, club or classroom.
    • Digital access to the August 1 supplement of three spotlight cases and deep resolutional analysis.
    • Each case comes with ready-to-run topical case, affirmative extension, and negative brief.
    • All tags and evidence are triple-checked and hyperlinked. Blue Book has been the standard in many leagues for evidence integrity.
  • Access to video addenda for model debate rounds.
  • Answer keys written straight into the assignments of Blue Book.
  • Additional helps throughout the student edition to enhance the classroom experience.
  • Appendixes of lesson previews, reproducibles, drills and games, scrimmage instructions, and more.
  • Sturdy coil binding to lay open for easy reading and study.
  • All registered teacher editions come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Table of Contents:

The Teacher Edition comes with answers and teaching aids written straight into the full Blue Book for Policy Debate. The following summarizes the table of contents, but adds the teacher material from the five appendixes that are included in the Teacher Edition. Teacher edition add-ons in BOLD.
  • Teacher Edition
  • Introduction
  • Unit I: Structure of Policy Debate
  • Unit II: Strategy of Debate Cases
  • Unit III: Model Resolutions
  • Unit IV: League-Specific Resolutions
  • Conclusion
  • Appendixes — Special Additions for Teachers and Coaches
    • Appendix I: Lesson Previews
      • Unit I: Structure of Policy Debate (Lessons 1-3)
      • Unit II: Strategy of Debate Cases (Lessons 4-6)
      • Unit III: Model Resolutions for Your Debates (Lessons 7-9)
      • Unit IV: Ready for Competition (Lessons 10-12)
    • Appendix II: Reproducibles
      • Worksheet for Lesson 1
      • Worksheet for Lesson 2
      • Worksheet for Lesson 3A
      • Worksheet for Lesson 3B
      • Worksheet for Lesson 4
      • Worksheet for Lesson 5
      • Worksheet for Lesson 6
      • Worksheet for Lesson 7
      • Worksheet for Lesson 8
      • Worksheet for Lesson 9
      • Worksheet for Lesson 10
    • Appendix III: Drills and Games
      • Structure Deviation
      • Speaking Drills
      • Cross-examination Ring
      • 10-Minute Cross-examination
      • Piranha Pack
      • Crutch Marbles
      • Flow Check
      • Two-minute 1ARs
      • Echo Tags
      • Cave Man Debate
      • Four Corners Debate
      • Evidence Power Grab
    • Appendix IV: Scrimmage Instructions
      • Pre-scrimmage Preparation
      • Invitations
      • Tab Room
      • Some More Suggestions
    • Appendix V: Teacher Membership

Summer Releases Included ($30 value)

By summer, several leagues release new policy debate resolutions. Blue Book authors gather topical overviews and three "spotlight cases" after resolutions are released. Blue Book owners use the digital code inside their book to download the Summer Releases, supporting the following leagues:
  • NSDA. Their resolution releases in January every year after its membership votes.
  • NCFCA. Their resolution releases in June at their national tournament.
  • Stoa. Their resolution releases in May at their national tournament.
The releases will be similar to Unit III of Blue Book consisting of a full chapter of a history of the topic plus "Understanding the Status Quo," where the authors list a variety of issues the resolution sets up. A followup student worksheet to test reading comprehension is included. Each of the Spotlight Cases consist of an affirmative case, 2A extension evidence, and a full negative brief ready to run in a debate round.


Vance Trefethen Coach Vance debated in National Forensic League debate while in high school from 1979-1982. In college, he judged at high school NFL tournaments in North Carolina. A homeschooling dad himself, he realized the growing potential and benefit of homeschool debate and switched over to coaching homeschoolers a couple years later. In 2001, he helped Chris Jeub with bringing The Blue Book to a more advanced level. He has been co-authoring Blue Book ever since.
Chris Jeub Coach Jeub is owner of Monument Publishing. He authors and co-authors several of the publications, but enjoys plugging other speech and debate talent into key writing positions.Mr. Jeub resides in Monument, Colorado, with his wife and 12 of his 16 children. Over the years, his family has carried five titles in two different leagues.

Alternatives and Options

There are variations of this resource that you may want to consider buying into. These are separate products that must be purchased at the following pages:
  1. Blue Book Student Edition ($29). If you prefer to purchase the student edition, click here.
  2. Policy Debate Membership ($99/year). If you prefer debate releases weekly throughout the school year, buy into Monument Memberships.

Sharing and Legality

Sharing the sourcebook contents and/or its digital components is strictly prohibited. Sourcebooks are designed for individual competitors. "Sharing" does not include utilizing cases or briefs in a debate round by showing the material to opponents, judges or tournament administrators. Sourcebook owners are allowed to utilize their sourcebook material as they see fit, but are not allowed to share that utilization with others.

Money Back Guarantee

Be assured that 100% of your money will be refunded if you are not completely satisfied. Monument Publishing is confident that you WILL be COMPLETELY SATISFIED.