Lincoln-Douglas Flowsheets

Lincoln-Douglas Flowsheets

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Champion flowing of Lincoln-Douglas debate rounds on coil-bound, documented flowsheets.

50% more flows + Video Tutorials

A debate where one or neither side properly flows becomes a round of dropped arguments, frustrated debaters, and a confused judge. America's top coaches agree: the most common error of a debater is the failure to flow the round.

Flowing a debate round takes diligence and precision, likely the most valuable process to successful debating. Without a doubt, flowing is the #1 note-taking strategy that separates the winners from their opponents. It is imperative that you take good notes to flow the arguments.

For Lincoln-Douglas debaters, Red Flowsheets will help you keep to this winning standard. Features include:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch flowsheets give you ample room to keep the speeches flowing.
  • Coil Binding along the top of the flow keeps your flowsheets neat and orderly.
  • NEW! 30 Flowsheets, organized to flow from left-to-right across the entire space. (50% more!)
  • NEW! FREE Video Tutorial to model how to flow arguments across your flowsheets.
  • Cardboard Backing to give sturdy hold to use during cross-examination.
  • Date and Ownership Label to help keep your flowsheets in one place.
  • Standard System of flowing helps you compare flows with your club members and your coach.
  • How to Flow introductory instructions helps new debaters to flow properly.

Red Flowsheets provide instructions for debaters to master flowing a Lincoln-Douglas round.

Red Flowsheets are designed to maximize your record keeping in every round.

Debaters, the organization of your notes will help standardize your rounds to keep improving. Plus, you'll have a book to keep in your files, rather than a bunch of messy legal pads.

Coaches and Teachers, you will appreciate the standard flowsheeting of your students. Use Red Flowsheets to refer to specific rounds you would like to review with your students. Plus, beginning debaters will find the flowsheeting advice on the first page of their booklet incredibly helpful in overcoming their fear of flowing.

Tournament Coordinators, teaching lay judges how to flow is a daunting task. Red Flowsheets make it easy! The introductory page gives an orderly process for new judges.

Judges, the debaters expect you to flow the arguments and make a fair analysis of the round. The judges with accurate flowcharts are judges that are respected. Red Flowsheets give you the process to keep things neat and orderly.

The Red Flowsheets are a debate tool you will not want to be left without. Good for all Lincoln-Douglas debaters. Order yours today!