Monument Publishing is leading publisher of source material for students, competitors, teachers and coaches of speech and debate. Since 1998 we have published bestselling curriculum and sourcebook material. Our team of coaches and educators have a central purpose: to make academic speech and debate simple and successful.

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About Our Books

Monument Publishing has been publishing source material since 1998. We support many leagues and events, primarily three of the most popular leagues in the nation: NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa. Our sourcebooks are divided into four teaching units, walking students and teachers through the structure, strategy, modeling and competition of speech and debate events. Downloadable addenda accompany the sourcebooks to support competition in the leagues. Teacher Guides are available for those who desire a complete and comprehensive approach to teaching and learning speech and debate.

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About Our Memberships

Monument Publishing owns and operates MonumentMembers, a website dedicated to providing competitors is several events weekly source material. This is our premier content, sent to members before any other published content, meant to prepare them for competitions.

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About Speech and Debate

"Speech and debate" is both a classroom activity as well as an academic sport. Speech and debate teaches communication skills through timed speeches that are evaluated by a judge. Students can participate in many different leagues that provide competitive opportunities to apply their speech and debate learning. Monument Publishing provides direct support for three major leagues (listed below). Each league provides several events for students to participate.


About Joining Our Team

Do you have an interest in speech and debate? Editing? Publishing? Monument Publishing needs writers, copy-editors, and assistant coaches. If you fit the mold, we can certainly use your help. You'll be in good company (see the current Monument Publishing Team). We pay our contributors for their work, as well as receive a letter of recommendation for future endeavors.

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About Our History

Monument Publishing has been providing resources since 1998 to students and competitors across the country, primarily the NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa leagues. Officially founded with the first release of Blue Book, the authoring community of Monument Publishing has grown to hundreds of contributors. This history is rich with resources all geared to making the speech and debate experience simple, successful and fun.


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