Blue Book Video

The physical "Blue Book Disk" has been discontinued. However, the content still remains! The videos are the same content that was on the physical Blue Book Disk, but you may use it without the hard disk. Enjoy!

Monument Publishing's Blue Book comes with the following video accompaniment that reinforces several lessons within the sourcebook. This YouTube video is free to use for class and discussion

Scroll down to view this video online. 

Model Policy Round

Blue Book Lesson 7 contains a model debate round covering the policy debate topic of federal court reform, “Resolved: That the United States Federal Court system should be significantly reformed.”

This video consists of a debate team presenting the case of “Bankruptcy Court Reform” as a solution to this resolution. The negative team attempts to refute the affirmative’s claim that their plan would bring the advantages they claim.

This model debate is meant to help new policy debaters see how a round is run and how to properly flow through a debate.

1AC with Flowing Notes

The following is just the 1AC. It has flowing notes that accompany it, making this one speech an excellent starter to teach flowing.

Complete Debate Round

The following is the complete debate round from start to finish.