Homeschool Speech and Debate
Homeschool debate tournaments are run by parents and participated by students.

Speech and debate is often considered the "homeschool sport," and no one has served the homeschool leagues longer and more diligently than Monument Publishing. We encourage all homeschoolers to participate in speech and debate through clubs, competition, co-ops and other homeschool communities. This page has information helpful to homeschool parents and students.

Clubs and Competition

Monument Publishing encourages students to get involved in clubs, and we also encourage parents to consider starting their own club. We serve two semi-exclusive homeschool leagues, the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) and Stoa Speech and Debate. Together approximately 5,000 homeschool households run tournaments and send their kids to state, regional and national tournaments all over the country.

Monument Publishing proudly supports the NCFCA and Stoa and writes material specifically tailored to their rules and resolutions. 

Co-ops and Classical Conversations

Interested in starting a debate class? Blue Book for Policy Debate or Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas Debate is specifically written for you. Included in these sourcebooks is a four-unit scalable scope and sequence perfect for a semester of teaching debate. Included with the ownership of each book is the year's "August Addendum" which has extended lessons for league-specific debates that can easily stretch your debate co-op class through a full year.

If you are a Classical Conversations teacher looking to fulfill your debate requirement, Blue Book for Policy Debate or Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas Debate are also written with you in mind. The sourcebooks sell for only $29 each with your teachers edition at $39, making for an extremely reasonable addition to your Classical Conversations classroom.


If you plan to participate in competition, you will find Monument Memberships the perfect solution to keep you focused all year long. From the beginning of the season all the way to NCFCA Nationals or Stoa NITOC, Monument Publishing will keep you primed for success. We also provide memberships for two limited-prep speech events, extemp and apologetics at

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