Red Book Video

The physical "Red Book Disk" has been discontinued. However, the content still remains! The video and resources below are the same content that was on the physical Red Book Disk, but you may use it without the hard disk. Enjoy!

Monument Publishing's Red Book comes with the following video accompaniment that reinforces several lessons within the sourcebook.

Model Lincoln-Douglas Round

Red Book Lesson 8 contains a model debate round covering a value resolution debating Privacy vs. National Security. The resolution states, “Resolved: When in conflict, the right to individual privacy is more important than national security.”

This video consists of both debaters presenting their case while also providing rebuttals against their opponents. The affirmative in this round values "Presumption of Innocence" to uphold privacy, and the negative values "General Welfare" to uphold national security.

This model debate is meant to help new Lincoln-Douglas debaters see how a round is run and how to properly flow through a debate.

The Flowsheet

You may download a PDF of the flow as recorded by the round's judge. Recall Lesson 3 on flowing to get a good grasp on flowing a Lincoln-Douglas debate round.

Flow of the Round