The league most popular in American schools that Monument Publishing caters specifically to is the NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association). Formerly called the National Forensic League, the NSDA has contributed to speech and debate since 1925. Other leagues have adopted similar rules and events of the NSDA including the Urban Debate League, the National Catholic Forensic League, the University Interscholastic League, and many more.

Monument Publishing supports the NSDA and any other speech and debate league that finds our materials helpful. This page has information helpful to school teachers, coaches, administrators and students.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are legally binding contracts between a purchaser and Monument Publishing. Purchasers are typically schools, co-ops, distributors or any other legitimate business entity with a checking account and tax ID. Individual customers and credit card orders should use our online store for purchases.

  1. Download the printable Monument Publishing Order Form in Word or PDF format.
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Classrooms and Clubs

Monument Publishing sells teacher editions and "club starter packages." These are helpful for speech and debate programs, especially when introducing students to the detailed complications of forensic events. Consider our flagship publications carefully when building your speech and debate curriculum.

For a list of all our products, see our store.

Monument Memberships

Teachers are not permitted to purchase one membership for their entire classroom or squad. However, does provide a weekly "coaches" download that gives targeted permission to one of the membership's downloads for that week. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to distribute these downloads as they see fit:

Encourage your students (or their parents) to become Monument Members. They will definitely be empowered to succeed in their events.

Nonsectarian Explanation

Though Monument Publishing produces resources for religious leagues and often covers material that address political topics (especially in extemp and debate), Monument Publishing does not publish resources for NSDA with reference to any specific religion or group. Monument Publishing considers itself nonsectarian for all NSDA-related resources.

Sole Source Declaration

Some schools require a declaration that Monument Publishing resources are "sole source products," meaning that they are manufactured, sold and distributed exclusively by Monument Publishing. No division of Monument Publishing, nor any other company, makes a similar or competing product. Our resources must be purchased directly from Monument Publishing. There are no agents or dealers authorized to represent this product. Additionally, competition is precluded by the existence of an agreement with Monument Publishing. We have the exclusive right to market our products. There are no other like items or products available for purchase that would serve the same purpose or function and there is only one price because of exclusive distribution or marketing rights.

You may download a PDF of a letter declaring Monument Publishing resources as "sole source products" to make it easier for your purchasing:

If you desire additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact portal at

Purchases Greater than $600

For purchases greater than $600, schools require a W9 form to report spending to the IRS. You may download a PDF of our current W9 below:

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