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The following consists of the complete season releases from for the Lincoln-Douglas value topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a ZIP file containing the material listed. Take note of the release dates, as the timing may conflict with arguments of the current year.

Resolved: Democracy is overvalued by the United States government.

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements Research Assistants
  • Case Writers
Chapter 1: The Value Resolution
  • Setting Your Compass: Resolutional Analysis
  • Scouting the Route: Research
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
Chapter 2: Choosing a Value:
  • Picture a Destination, Plan a Route, Shoot the Moon
  • Value Brainstorming Grid
  • Mile Markers: Criteria
  • Views from the Road: Applications
  • Scouting the Route: Research in context
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
Chapter 3: Mapping your Quest: Creating the Affirmative Case
  • Photos & Testimonials: Evidence in Value Debate
  • Organizing Evidence
  • Alternative Case Models
  • Value-Driven Cases
  • Resolution-Driven Cases
  • Scouting the Route: Research in context
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
Chapter 4: The Diverging Road: Creating the Negative Case
  • Negative Philosophy
  • Negative Strategies
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Scouting the Route: Developing a Negative Case
Chapter 5: Challenge! The Art of Cross-Examination
  • Preparing Your Challenge
  • Before the Debate
  • Bolster your own arguments
  • Prepare a challenge for opponents
  • The Primrose Path: Clarify, Probe, Prompt Admission
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • During the Debate
  • Informal Logical Fallacies
  • Receiving Cross-Examination
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Scouting the Route: Anticipating Objections, Cross-Ex
Chapter 6: Champion! Rebuttals
  • Crystallize conflicts
  • Accentuate advantages
  • Rivet the resolution
  • Voting Issues ("Voters")
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Scouting the Route: Anticipating Objections, Crafting Rebuttals
Chapter 7: Checkpoints for Destination Victory
  • Flowing a Value Debate
  • Value Round Responsibilities
  • Burden of Proof & Presumption in Value Debate
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Scouting the Route: Putting it Together, Practice Debates
Chapter 8: There and Back Again…
  • Practice smart!
  • Preparing for a Tournament or Round Robin
  • Tournament Survival Tips
  • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Scouting the Route: Practice Smart
Chapter 9: The Marco Polo Club: Advanced Debaters' Section
  • Coaches' Advice
  • National Competitors Speak:
  • The Lost Art of Crystallization
  • The purpose of LD
  • What does crystallization mean?
  • Why is dropping not as big a deal in LD?
  • How to drop and what to drop
  • What are the major issues?
  • When to crystallize
  • Balancing Act
  • What do applications do? Why do I need them and what is their impact?
  • What applications can't prove…
  • So how many applications do I need?
  • Which came first?
  • Assume Nothing:
  • Bring In an Outsider
  • Return to First Principles
  • Taking Stock
Chapter 10: Marco Polo Club: Treasure Maps: Research Aids
  • At- A- Glance Governments
  • What's in a Word: The History of Democracy
  • Philosophies of Government
  • Two More Cows on Government
  • The Rest of the Herd on Government
  • A Brief History of Democracy in America
  • The Complete Popular Origination of Government
  • Conclusion
  • Political Theory Digests
  • Blackstone's Commentaries, Sir William Blackstone
  • The Federalist Papers – James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay
  • The Anti Federalist Papers
  • The Law, Frederic Bastiat
Coaches' Appendix: Judging & Coaching
  • Coaching Value Debate
  • Novice Club Training Schedule
  • Advanced Club Training Schedule
  • Mixed Club Training Schedule
  • Developing a Culture of Debate
  • Judging Value Debate
  • Guidelines to Coaching a Club
Appendix I: Value-Driven Cases
  • Basic or Core Value (Affirmative Case)
  • The Right Way
  • Core Value (Affirmative Case)
  • Value Plus (Negative Case)
  • Value Plus (Affirmative Case)
  • Value Standard/Value System (Negative Case)
Appendix II: Resolution-Driven Cases
  • Philosophical Criteria (Negative case)
  • Rebuttals:
  • General:
  • Unified Analysis Case in Absolute Resolutions
  • Topic Resources
  • Other LD Resources

History of This Resolution

One of the most exciting value resolutions in NCFCA history was a rather plain one: "Resolved: Democracy is undervalued in the United States government." What generated from that 2006-2007 year was an invigorating conversation of the intent and application of democratic values in our domestic government and how we impact the world. In that year, Monument Publishing contributor Noah Oberlander—who traditionally contributed to policy debate's Blue Book—took the NCFCA National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Contributors to this edition includes Anna Crowson, Natalie Webb, Andrew Roblyer, Matt Pitchford, Luke Juday, Petra Anderson, Chloe Anderson, Marla Blum, and Susanna Griffith. The entire Red Book was edited by the late Kim Anderson.