Federal Revenue

Federal Revenue

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The following consists of the complete season release of cases and briefs from for the topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a Word Document containing each of the cases and briefs listed. NOTE: Notice the release dates at the footer of every page. It is strongly advised to check each hyperlink before running any piece of evidence in an official debate round.

Resolved: That the United States federal government should substantially reform its revenue generation policies.

Monument Introduction Articles
  • History of Federal Revenue
    • American Revolution
    • Tariffs
    • Civil War
    • Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co.
    • 16th Amendment to the Constitution
    • History of Income Taxation
    • Social Insurance Taxes
    • Other Forms of Revenue
    • Debt
  • Status Quo of Revenue Generation
    • Congressional Budget Office
    • Spending
    • Revenue
    • CBO Options for Revenue Generation
  • Case Summaries
  • Worksheet
  • Answer Key
Monument Cases, 2A Extensions and Negative Breifs
  1. Policing for Profit The Case for Abolishing Civil Asset Forfeiture
  2. Das Kapital The Case for Abolishing the Capital Gains Tax
  3. None of Your Business The Case for Abolishing the Corporate Income Tax
  4. Enough Is Enough The Case for the Debt Limit
  5. Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes The Case for Repealing the Estate Tax
  6. Who’s the Fairest of Them All? The Case for the Fair Tax
  7. And Justice for All The Case for the Flat Tax
  8. Free at Last The Case for Free Trade
  9. Home Sweet Home The Case for Abolishing the Mortgage Interest Deduction
  10. A Rock and a Hard Place The Case for Reforming the 1872 Mining Law
  11. Too Much of a Good Thing The Case for Ending the Employee Health Insurance Tax Exemption
  12. We Can’t Go on Like This The Case for the Value Added Tax (VAT)
Purchase includes five Word documents covering the content listed above:
  1. Monument Introduction Articles (44 pages)
  2. Monument Cases and Breifs (290 pages)

History of This Resolution

Stoa 2011-2012 Policy Resolution

This sourcebook was provided in print edition for the 2011-2012 Stoa resolution listed above. The cover was taken from the award ceremony from the year before at Focus on the Family, the venue for a local tournament in Colorado Springs. The tournament developed a relationship with Focus on the Family that brought the 2012 National Tournament of Champions at the end of the year, the largest homeschool national tournament to that date. Co-author of Blue Book Chris Jeub ran this national tournament. Monument Publishing ran a Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC) in Manitou Springs, Colorado, the weekend before the 2012 NITOC. Vance Trefethen was Skyped in from France to coach students and work on their cases. Several policy awards came out of the preparation given at the preparatory camp.