International Conflicts

International Conflicts

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The following consists of the complete season releases from for the Lincoln-Douglas value topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a ZIP file containing the material listed. Take note of the release dates, as the timing may conflict with arguments of the current year.

Resolved: The United States has a moral obligation to mitigate international conflicts.

Part I: Resolutional Articles
  • Winning Rounds with Meta-Framework ... By Travis Herche
  • Morality: What Makes the World Go Round?... By Ashlyn Olson
  • Whatever THAT Means: Exploring the Different Connotations of “International Conflicts” and their Implications to the Resolution ... By Benjamin Griffith
  • Unwashable Technicalities: Dealing with Value Clash, Moral Obligation, and Definitions ... By Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Isolation Sensation ... By Zachary Leoni
  • Over the Hedge: The Implications of U.S. Hegemony ... By Michael Tcheau
  • Whose Morality Justifies Mitigation ... By Aaron Dykstra
  • Banana Growers and Heroes: A Primer of the Resolution ... By Jesse Byrnes
  • Winning the Moral Debate ... By Joshua Tey
  • Obligatory Obligations: The Crucial Role the Word “Obligation” Plays in the Resolution ... By Nick Harrington
  • Methods of Mitigation ... By Matthew Erickson
  • More on Morals: The Origins of Moral Theory ... By Ciera Horton
Part II: Affirmative Cases
  • What’s so Natural about Natural Rights? ... By Ciera Horton
  • Be Not Afraid of Greatness ... By Zachary Leoni
  • We are Family: International Conflicts Is a Threat to National Security ... By Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Those Who Watch and do Nothing ... By Michael Tcheau
  • The Samaritan Principle ... By Travis Herche
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ... By Aaron Dykstra
  • Strategy of Necessity: The Case for National Interests ... By Jesse Byrnes
Part III: Negative Cases
  • Blame Canada ... By Travis Herche
  • Country First ... By Ashlyn Olson
  • Why Risk It? Mitigation’s Effect on National Security ... By Elizabeth Jacobs
  • The Legitimization of Negation ... By Benjamin Griffith
  • Morally Good, Not Morally Obligatory ... By Nick Harrington
  • Government of the People: The Social Contract as Government’s Moral Obligation ... By Matthew Erickson
  • Making the Right Decision ... By Joshua Tey

History of This Resolution

Training Minds is the sister nonprofit organization of Monument Publishing. In 2013 they hosted a debate tournament early in the season to kick off the competitions in their home state of Colorado. Last year’s final round was between Benjamin Griffith and Will Martin, both alumni of the Training Minds Camps. Benjamin went on to become a finalist at NITOC that year (his senior year) and Will ranked 4th at NITOC in 2014. Contributors to this edition included Chris Anderson, Jesse Byrnes, Caleb DeLon, Aaron Dykstra, Matthew Erickson, Thomas Gray, Benjamin Griffith, Nick Harrington, Drew Hepler, Travis Herche, Ciera Horton, Elizabeth Jacobs, Zach Leoni, Melissa Lueken, Ashlyn Olson, Michael Patton, Isaac Sommers, Michael Tcheau, Joshua Tey.