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The following consists of the complete season releases from for the Lincoln-Douglas value topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a ZIP file containing the material listed. Take note of the release dates, as the timing may conflict with arguments of the current year.

Resolved: That the United States of America ought to more highly value isolationism.

Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
    • Research Assistants
    • Case Writers
    • Jack of All Trades
  • Chapter 1: The Value Resolution
    • Setting Your Compass: Resolutional Analysis
    • Scouting the Route: Research
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Chapter 2: Choosing a Value
    • Picture a Destination, Plan a Route, Shoot for the Moon
    • Mile Markers: Criteria
    • Views from the Road: Applications
    • Scouting the Route: Research in context
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Chapter 3: Mapping your Quest: Creating the Affirmative Case
    • Photos & Testimonials: Evidence in Value Debate
    • Organizing Evidence
    • Alternative Case Models
    • Value-Driven Cases
    • Resolution-Driven Cases
    • Scouting the Route: Research in context
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
  • Chapter 4: The Diverging Road: Creating the Negative Case
    • Negative Philosophy
    • Negative Strategies
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
    • Scouting the Route: Developing a Negative Case
  • Chapter 5: Challenge! The Art of Cross-Examination
    • Preparing Your Challenge
    • Before the Debate
    • Bolster your own arguments
    • Prepare a challenge for opponents
    • The Primrose Path: Clarify, Probe, Prompt Admission
    • Practice Makes Perfect
    • During the Debate
    • Informal Logical Fallacies
    • Receiving Cross-Examination
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
    • Scouting the Route: Anticipating Objections, Cross-Ex
  • Chapter 6: Champion! Rebuttals
    • Crystallize conflicts
    • Accentuate advantages
    • Rivet the resolution
    • Voting Issues (“Voters”)
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
    • Scouting the Route: Anticipating Objections, Crafting Rebuttals
  • Chapter 7: Checkpoints for Destination Victory
    • Flowing a Value Debate
    • Value Round Responsibilities
    • Burden of Proof & Presumption in Value Debate
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
    • Scouting the Route: Putting it Together, Practice Debates
  • Chapter 8: There and Back Again…
    • Practice smart!
    • Preparing for a Tournament or Round Robin
    • Tournament Survival Tips
    • Safari Guide Trail-Marker
    • Scouting the Route: Practice Smart
  • Chapter 9: The Marco Polo Club: Advanced Debate Theory
    • Presuming Burdens: Affirmative & Negative Responsibilities
    • Definition Battles: How to wield your weapon
    • Friend or Foe? Analyzing the Power and Limitations of Applications
    • The Best Laid Battle Plans: Strategies for those difficult rebuttals
  • Chapter 10: Marco Polo Club Treasure Maps: Research Aids
    • Glossary of Relevant Terms
    • The “isms” of international Relations: the impact of relational philosophies on the Lincoln-Douglas resolution
    • expedient politics or Ideological pursuits
    • Searching for practical solutions in a complex world of foreign affairs
    • Proscribing Protectionism, Protecting Prosperity
    • An Introduction to Free Market Principles in 21st Century International Relations
    • “This is Not Team Policy”
    • All about economics, isolationism, values and their place in the LD round.
  • Appendix: Value-Driven Cases
    • Political Insolation
    • Affirmative Core value case
    • Basic rights are not basic
    • Negative Value Plus Case
    • The Last Best Hope
    • Affirmative Value–plus case
    • Have a Nice Life
    • Negative Value Standard case
    • Robin hood of the world
    • Affirmative Value Standard case
    • Liberating Liberalism
    • Negative Value System Case
    • Virtuous Isolationism
    • Affirmative Unified Analysis Case
    • Isolated Obsolescence
    • Negative Unified Analysis
  • Coaches’ Appendix: Judging & Coaching
    • Coaching Value Debate
    • Novice Club Training Schedule
    • Advanced Club Training Schedule
    • Mixed Club Training Schedule
    • Developing a Culture of Debate
    • Judging Value Debate
  • Bibliography

History of This Resolution

The photo for this edition was taken at one of the first tournaments hosted by Monument Publishing. It was located at the Monument Hill Baptist Church in Monument, Colorado. The two students pictured—Matt Pitchford and Mackenzi Siebert—were contributors to this edition of Red Book. The complete list of contributors to this year's Red Book were the late Kim Anderson (editor), Mackenzi Siebert, Andrew Roblyer, Matt Pitchford, Joanna Griffith, Jonathan Seppo, Mark Nadal, Karyn Louritt, and Robert Anderson. The year's NCFCA Nationals was held at Berry Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama.