Keys to Extemp

Keys to Extemp

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Competitive extemporaneous speaking ("extemp" for short) is a most rewardingalbeit demandingsport. Are you up for the challenge? 

Keys to Extemp... the secrets to becoming a champion extemper!

After selecting one of three extemp questions, you have only 30 minutes to prepare a 7-minute speech for a panel of judges.

Is your evidence box organized with the articles you need?  Can you deliver with punch and zest? Can you take the risk to drop the card and deliver your speech without notes? How can your speech stand out from the rest?

Enter champion extemping. NCFCA title winner Cody Herche gives the keys to mastering this most challenging activity. His revolutionary secrets bring extempers beyond mere understanding of extemp to a mentality necessary for national competition.

"Cody has not only proven himself in the competitive arena by taking home the most coveted awards, but he has given back to the growing community of speakers and debaters in the NCFCA with this most excellent book. Cody is truly 'training minds for action'."
         - Chris Jeub, author of Jeub's Guide to Home School Speech & Debate

"Cody Herche loves this event like no other...Cody has consistently demonstrated not only his love for the event, but his great ability to motivate and mentor students."
           - Rachel Heflin, 2006 NCFCA Extemp Finalist and Team-Policy Champion                                          

"I highly recommend the purchase of Keys to Extemp!"
            - Timothy Heggem, 2002 NCFCA Extemporaneous Champion

"Cody's book is detailed, witty, precise, and packed with information."
                      - Karen Kovaka, 2005 NCFCA Extemporaneous Finalist

ISBN: 978-0-9795642-8-4