Middle East Policy

Middle East Policy

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The following consists of the complete season release of cases and briefs from for the topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a Word Document containing each of the cases and briefs listed. NOTE: Notice the release dates at the footer of every page. It is strongly advised to check each hyperlink before running any piece of evidence in an official debate round.

Resolved: The United States should significantly reform its policy toward one or more countries in the Middle East.

Initial Release (August 1, 2014)

  1. Case #1: Afganistan Withdrawal
  2. Case #2: Armenian Genocide Resolution
  3. Case #3: Carter Doctrine Revoked
  4. Case #4: Egypt Military Aid
  5. Case #5: Iran Sanctions
  6. Case #6: Israel Military Aid
  7. Case #7: Pakistan Alliance
  8. Case #8: Palestine Aid
  9. Case #9: Saudi Arabia
  10. Case #10: The 5th Fleet From Bahrain
  11. Case #11: Syrian Rebels Stop Aid
  12. Case #12: Turkey Free Trade Agreement
  13. BONUS CASE: Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: The Case for Ending Drone Strikes in Yemen
  14. EXCLUSIVE ESSAY from Economist Greg Rehmke "Five Cases for Reforming U.S./Middle East Economic Policies"
Midseason Release (December 31, 2014) 3 NEW AFFIRMATIVE CASES
  1. Cancel US Support for the Diamer-Bhasha Dam in Pakistan
  2. Arm the Kurds to Fight Islamic State (pass the Royce bill)
  3. Stop US Mediation of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process
  1. Terrorism Not A Threat
  2. Human Rights Criterion Not Valid for Guiding US Foreign Policy
  3. Foreign Aid is Good
  4. Soft Power is Bad
  5. Intervention in Middle East is Bad
  6. Democracy Promotion Not Valid Criterion for Guiding US Foreign Policy
  1. Free Trade - bad
  2. ICITAP/Police Training Assistance - bad
  3. Foreign Adoption - bad
  4. Kurdish Independence - bad
  5. Saudi Oil Subsidies - not a problem
  6. Afghan Counter-Narcotics Strategy - good
  7. Islamic State - not a threat
  8. Nuclear Weapons In Turkey - good
  9. Jerusalem Capital of Israel Recognition - bad
  10. Mediating Israeli/Palestinian Peace - good
  11. Drones - good
  12. Qualifying Industrial Zones - bad
  13. Qatar - good

History of This Resolution


NCFCA 2014-2015 Policy Resolution This sourcebook was provided in print edition for the 2014-2015 NCFCA resolution listed above, the resolution debated for the 2015 National NCFCA Tournament at the Northwestern University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Featured on the cover are Region 6 competitors Spencer Kolssak and Billy Bock, opposing semi-finalists at the 2014 National Tournament. Billy and his brother advanced to the final round, securing 2nd place for the tournament. Interesting note: both Spencer and Billy graduated that year and attended Patrick Henry College as roommates.