Moral Obligation to Assist Nations

Moral Obligation to Assist Nations

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The following consists of the complete season releases from for the Lincoln-Douglas value topic listed below. Upon purchase, you will have access to a ZIP file containing the material listed. Take note of the release dates, as the timing may conflict with arguments of the current year.

Resolved: That governments have a moral obligation to assist other nations in need.

1. Original Release of Red Book - August 1, 2012
  • Section 1: Articles
    • You’re a Fascist
    • How to Defend Your Value
    • Unintended Consequences
    • Epic Fail
    • Old Guys, New Times
    • Bailout
  • Section 2: Cases
    • A Chance to Really Live
      • Addendum for Affirmative Case “A Chance to Really Live”
      • Negative Brief against Aff Case “A Chance to Really Live”
    • The Worth of All Men
      • Negative Brief against Aff Case “The Worth of All Men”
      • Save Me
    • Negative Brief against Aff Case “Save Me”
      • Do No Harm
      • Affirmative Brief Against Negative Case “Do No Harm”
2. Midseason Release - December 31, 2012
  • Resolutional Articles
    • Definitions Brief
    • Power Politics
    • Private Intervention, Aid, and Charity
    • Introducing the Meta Framework
    • Philosophical Obligations of Governments
    • Isolationism: Punishment or Blessing?
    • Food, Water and Starbucks
    • 4 Ways You’re Tagging Wrong
    • Genocide
    • The Alliance
  • Affirmative Cases
    • Words AND Deeds
    • The Samaritan Principle
    • Stopping Genocide
    • Protection of Human Life
    • Safety First
    • Angry Birds and Aiding Nations
  • Negative Cases
    • The Government Can’t
    • Mind Your Own Business
    • Oh, the Irony
    • The Purpose of Government
    • Moral Obligation vs. Praiseworthiness
    • Private Sector Military Intervention
    • You’re Not a Bad Person
Purchase includes two Word documents covering the content listed above.

History of This Resolution

This sourcebook was provided in print edition for the 2012-2013 NCFCA resolution listed above, the resolution debated for the 2013 NCFCA National Tournament at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Monument Publishing provided a summer print copy as well as a Midseason Supplement, both available in this download. Monument Publishing ran a Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC) in Tulsa in June 2013. This group of NCFCA debaters gathered across the street from Oral Roberts University. They prepared under coaches Travis Herche, Vance Trefethen and Chris Jeub for the weekend to prepare for their week of competition. Several awards were taken home as a result of their preparation.

Contributors to this edition included Jon Bateman (editor), Blaire Bayliss, Tyler Burton, Caleb Delon, Matthew Erickson, Elizabeth Ertle, Travis Herche, Cynthia Jeub, Alex Sargent, Michael Tcheau, and Brooke Wade.