Confidence in Christian
Speech & Debate

Think. Speak. Persuade.

Speaking boldly, communicating precisely, and persuading effectively. These are skills that every young person should cultivate. Homeschooled middle and high school students strengthen these skills through participation in Stoa USA and NCFCA. Monument expands on a Stoa or NCFCA membership by providing additional resources and coaching to improve educational and competitive outcomes.

Monument Membership

Each week new materials and resources are available for download by Monument members.  
Members also have access to archived:

  • Sourcebooks and briefs.
  • Textbooks and curricula (valued at $300.)
  • Video instruction.
  • Online course access.

Monument Members receive discounts on coaching, webinars, camps, and other events presented by Monument. All for a low monthly, annual, or lifetime membership fee.

New Resources for Members

Good Friday Thoughts

Good Friday Thoughts

Not that long ago, in 1956, the city of New york, as well as many other cities in the US, had no problem displaying and celebrating Good Friday, as well as Resurrection Sunday. These three buildings in New York, from left to right the City Services Co., City Bank -...

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American Logos Debate Team

American Logos Debate Team

If you are a mature debater, and even more importantly, a mature Christian, The American Logos Debate team may be something for you to consider. The style of debate is called "World School" and can be described as a 3 on 3 Parli style. But it goes even beyond that....

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Phoenix My Eye

Phoenix My Eye

Let's play a game of "Find The Differences." In the picture above, which is a scan of my left and right eyes, there are a few things that don't match. See how many you can find. The pictures are as if you were looking at me, so the scan on the left is my right eye....

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Coaching For Students & Coaches

For interactive learning, Monument’s online coaching is an opportunity for students or coaches to get specific tips and learn techniques and skills that will make coaches more effective and students more successful.

Online and Live Events




Monument also hosts speech and debate Webinars and Summits featuring successful Stoa and NCFCA coaches and alumni. Monument-led speech and debate camps give students an opportunity for an immersive learning experience with other top speech and debate students.

Upcoming Events

Phoenix – July 24-29 – Speech, Policy, LD, Parli

Registration Open – Monument – Phoenix Camp

Coos Bay, Oregon - August 7-11, 2023 - Speech, Policy, LD

Registration Open – Monument – Generstions of Hope Camp

Ripon, California – August 14 – 19, 2023

Registration Open – Monument – AgAu Camp – Speech, Policy, LD, Parli

Printed Publications

Monument has been publishing curricula and sourcebooks since 1998. Visit our online bookstore for some of the best-selling resources for speech and debate students, teachers, and coaches.