Learn from Successful Coaches and Alumni

Monument webinars give students and coaches an opportunity to hear from those with specialized expertise in Stoa and NCFCA speech and debate.

Webinars will focus on a topic of interest and offer a teaching with the opportunity to ask questions through chat. Depending upon the topic, a webinar could be 3 hours long or as much as 3 days long.

Topics may be of interest specifically to coaches, to students, or to both. If you have a topic that you would like covered in a webinar, let us know using the link below.

Those who register for a webinar can watch live for free. Webinars will be archived and can be downloaded for a fee. (Monument Members receive a discount on these downloads.)

Recent Archived Webinars Available for Download

The Stock Issues

Stock Issues have been the center of policy debate for as long as policy debate has been done. However, many current debaters, parents, and judges don’t fully understand them. This talk seeks to not only clarify the Stock Issues, but shows how they are still present in every debate round, whether they are mentioned or not.

The US Constitution

The US Constitution is the document that dictates how the Federal Government is supposed to operate. However, even elected officials often have no idea what is in the Constitution, let alone how it is supposed to limit their power. This talk does a basic overview of the Preamble to the Constitution, The Branches of Government, Checks and Balances, as well as Article 1 Section 8, aka. the enumerated powers given to the federal government. Every debater should be very familiar with these tenets so they can run sound AFF cases, and great Constitutional Neg presses. 

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