Coaching for Coaches

Improve Your Coaching Skills with the Monument Community

Individual Coaching

Steven Vaughan offers online coaching sessions for individual coaches who want to help the members of their club improve their skills and advance in competition.

Steven’s coaching sessions deliver the best value to those who are starting a new speech and debate club or who are new to an existing club. The coaching sessions are usually one hour long, and coaches can determine how many sessions they wish to schedule at the conclusion of the first session. The sessions will be personalized to address the issues of most concern to the coach and their club.

Schedule Individual Session

(1 hr.)

After the initial coaching session, additional sessions can be scheduled if desired.

Monument Mastermind

Monument plans to add a new offering for Stoa and NCFCA coaches—an online mastermind group. The group will allow coaches to share best practices, set goals for their clubs, and act to keep group members accountable. Newer coaches can learn from more experienced group members, and all can share knowledge and encouragement. Cost will be determined when we have a better sense of the level of interest.

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