Monument Membership

Build Communication Confidence,
Clarity, and Competence

Monument Membership is a valuable educational tool for developing public speaking skills. As Christians, the Bible exhorts us to “always be ready to give an answer.”  There is probably no time in history when effective communication has been more important for American believers.

Monument Membership is also a useful resource for students who are interested in vying for the college scholarships awarded to top competitors in Stoa and NCFCA tournaments.

Monument Membership is an investment in developing speech and debate skills. Members access curriculum and other downloads, with the opportunity for further intensive, interactive instruction at a discount. Membership is valuable for students, teachers, and coaches. Please respect our copyrights, however, and do not share logins or materials with non-members.

Monument Membership Benefits for
Competitors and Coaches

Debate Benefits

For Competitors in Stoa or NCFCA
  • Parli
  • Lincoln-Douglas
  • Team Policy
  • Moot Court

Speech Benefits

For Competitors in Stoa or NCFCA
  • Interpretive Speeches
  • Limited Preparation Speeches
  • Platform Speeches
  • Wildcards
You will receive:
  • Weekly Emails
  • Access to downloadable documents and textbooks
  • Access to instructional audio files and videos.
  • A 20% discount on registration for Monument in person and online events, including webinars, summits, and camps.

Your membership will provide general tips on research, presentation, and organization. Plus specific guidance to help you advance in Stoa and NCFCA tournaments—for example, assistance with developing a structure and strategy to successfully debate the current year’s resolutions.

Many of these resources are also valuable for coaches—especially coaches who are new to coaching or new to Stoa and NCFCA.

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