Discussions with Speech and Debate Experts

Monument Summits are discussions with experienced speech and debate coaches and other experts that are presented online. The Summits represent either interviews or moderated panel discussions on topics that are of interest to either students or coaches or both.

Summits offer a chance to hear a variety of opinions and advice from speech and debate coaches and others. These experts may discuss topics involving the organization of clubs or hosting tournaments. They may discuss techniques for bringing new club members up to speed so they can have a good first experience in tournaments. They may provide ideas for making the most of research or editing a speech. Summits will cover an array of general topics that students and their speech and debate coaches can use to have a better learning experience through Stoa and NCFCA.

Summits can be viewed live at no cost. They will become part of our video archive and can be downloaded for a fee. (Monument Members receive a discount on these downloads.)

Upcoming Summit Schedule

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Recent Archived Summits Available for Download

Abigail Judges

Monument Summits interviews Abigail Baumann (formerly Vaughan) concerning judge paradigms, how to read your judges, and most importantly, how to win them over more often.

Pudewa Furnishing

Monument Summits interviewed Andrew Pudewa several times. In this session, he speaks of preparing, or, furnishing your mind for use in speech and debate, as well as for the rest of life. The first half of this episode, Andrew explains what furnishing your mind means, and why it is important. The second half, Coach Vaughan interviews Andrew and digs deeper into this great concept.

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