Monument Camps

Intensive Discovery & Practice for Success in Competition and in Life

Monument-led camps offer a unique opportunity for hands-on learning. Speech and debate students spend time with other young Christians and learn the steps and techniques that lead to speech and debate success. They also can practice their communication skills in front of peers and coaches and receive feedback.

Camps are designed to be valuable for students who are new to speech and debate as well as those who already have some competition experience. Ages 12 to 18 are welcome and parents can attend for free. Camps vary from 3 – 6 days long.

Camps are usually sponsored by a Stoa or NCFCA club but are often open to members of other clubs in the area. The organization and focus of the camps are customized to the sponsoring club’s requests, and that information will be included in the description of each scheduled camp. Campers receive workbooks customized to the camp’s curriculum, which they can keep for further study at home.

Upcoming Scheduled Camps

CONTEND Phoenix,AZ Speech & Debate Camp

June 24-29, 2024

Speech, Policy, LD

NW Phoenix, NOVICE Speech & LD Debate Camp

July 1-3, 2024

Novice Speech, and LD

Montana, NOVICE Speech & Policy Camp

July 22-24, 2024

Novice Speech, TP

APEX, Virginia Speech & Debate Camp

July 29-Aug 2, 2024

Speech, TP, LD, Parli

COAH Livingston, NJ Speech & Debate Camp

August 7-9, 2024

Speech, Policy, LD

RIPON, California Speech & Debate Camp

August 12-17, 2024

Speech, TP, LD, Parli

Recent Archived CAMPS Available for Download


Knowing how to speak with your appearance, body, and voice, are all important parts of overall communication. This talk shows you how to do it all better, as well as things to avoid doing. Practice these techniques, and you will find yourself communicating better, and ranking higher.


Want to impact your judges better? Understanding how a story works will give you some great tools that will help you relate more to your judge, whether in speech or debate. However, in this scenario you are not telling a story, you are, in fact, one of the characters.

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