Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate


Lincoln-Douglas debate is a 1-on-1 format of debate that centers on philosophical values. Learning to debate with excellence takes diligent effort, but you’re not alone. Award-winning coach Travis Herche will guide you to greatness with his proven strategies. Within these pages, you will learn how to:

  • Create cases that are tightly sealed from flaws
  • Develop rebuttal strategies that attack the best cases
  • Ask cross-examination questions that cripple opponents
  • Answer cross-examination questions that win debates
  • Leverage the rules of academic debate to your advantage
  • Harness values that build, support and defend your arguments

The sound advice and proven tactics in Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate is certain to provide the needed tools for building a champion debater. In the spirit of Training Minds, Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate provides the apparatus that will “train minds for action” – for debate rounds as well as the world.


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