Keys to Team Policy Debate


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The key to winning debates isn’t found in boxes and boxes of evidence, a “flawless” case, or being lucky enough to win the judge’s favor. The key to winning is in strategy, which is exactly what this book, authored by recognized debate coach Vance Trefethen, covers in detail. Within these pages, you will learn how to:

  • Create affirmative cases that are excellent and prepared for defending
  • Develop negative strategies that attack the best cases
  • Formulate cross-examination questions that cripple opponents
  • Answer cross-examination questions to turn judges to your favor
  • Leverage the rules of academic debate to your advantage
  • Gather evidence that builds, supports and defends your arguments

Every chapter includes a teacher’s outline, questions for discussion, and student preparation helps. Academic debaters who are serious about winning their competitions will be just as serious about owning a copy of Keys to Team-Policy Debate. The sound advice and proven tactics in this book is certain to provide the needed tools for building a champion debater.


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