New from the Green Police: Premature Electric Vehicles
Current federal energy and transportation policies are promoting the transition to Electric Vehicles. Not just promoting but mandating and subsidizing.
Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute makes the case that trying to force this transition prematurely is an economic and environmental disaster. And he has numbers.
Article: his July 12, 2023 article “Electric Vehicles for Everyone? The Impossible Dream” 
Podcast discussion with Mark Mills “The Energy Transition…delayed, with Mark Mills”
Mark Mills overhead on EV reality:
And earlier we were encouraged the buy “clean” diesels. Here is Audi’s Green Police ad, shown during the Super Bowl:
The Green Police are still with us, but with new mandates…
And if we want market-tested alternative energy vehicles, why not NGVs?
“Why Not NGVs?” By Timothy Nash, McNair Center, Northwood University