The US Department of Justice has a very interesting article on the history of Eminent Domain. My how things have changed over the years. Pay close attention to the first three paragraphs. These give how the early Supreme Court Justices interpreted the Fifth Amendment. 

I have a few questions in regard to this article and our elected officials. 

Don’t all of our elected officials swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America? 

If so, do you believe they should keep their word?

In United States vs. Gettysburg Electric, the court opined that the federal government has the power to condemn property,

 “whenever it is necessary or appropriate to use the land in the execution of any of the powers granted to it by the constitution.”  

Maybe a quick look at the Constitution would be warranted, esp. Article 1 Section 8 to see what powers are granted to the government and compare that with how they are currently using their takings power today. Just sayin’.